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Ross Hobson capsizes (March 2009) | Phuket Race Week 2005 | Sailing around Sicily | Ellen Macarthy Record Attempt | Out of Valencia | Royal Langkawi Regatta 2005 | Budget Charters in Thailand | The Purrfection Story | Gaia | The Failed Trip | Balearic Cruising | Seychelles Charter
| Cruising in Spain | The AZAB races | Aptaki Cruise | Charter Catamarans | The Catamaran Vacation | Heavy weather Sailing | Using a Parachute Anchor
Ross Hobson capsizes (March 2009)
Day 9 was going ok. Chasing down the frontal low-pressure system and maintaining my lead. I eventually caught it late afternoon. We had expected 40-45 knots of wind, and I had prepared accordingly. 2 reefs were in and as wind built I dropped to inner jib, then 3 reefs.
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Phuket Race Week 2005
The Evason Resort Phuket once again the hosted Phuket Race Week with Image Asia the driving force behind the event now in its second year. After some debate and with careful consideration Grenville Fordam and Andy Dowden of Image Asia took the decision to introduce the two divisions and two starts for the multihulls.
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Sailing Around Sicily
Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean but is little known to most people. The Mafia, and perhaps the active volcano of Mount Etna will be the limit of knowledge about this island for most people. Why not broaden your knowledge and read more... 
Ellen Macarthy Attempts the Around the World Record
She’s done it. Dame Ellen Macarthur has achieved the ultimate challenge, around the world solo in her 75’ trimaran B&Q taking 32 hours off the previous fast record time of Francis Joyon. Read about her last few days at sea.
Valencia may be the chosen place for the 2007 Americas Cup series but it is not an obvious place to commence a catamaran on >>
The BMW Royal Langkawi Regatta 2005
The BMW Langkawi Regatta is notable as the only regatta in Asia conveniently operating out of a marina, with all entrants returning each afternoon to their own berths.
Budget Charters in Thailand
We sailed “Veni Vidi Vici”, one of Siam Sailing’s Tiki 30’s for two weeks in January 2004...

The Purrfection Story - The Maiden Cruise
Chris Nutt purchased a set of mouldings from which he built his Iroquois catamaran which he recently completed with the Carbospars aero rig. The maiden cruise with his family on board was eventful...

With“Gaia” Up the Red Sea
“Where the hell is Djibouti?” This was my first question when asked if I would join “Gaia” for her passage up the Red Sea. A few days later I was flying in to this dusty French colonial piece of East Africa aboard an Air Ethiopia jet via Addis Abbaba.

The Failed Trip of “Bird of Azure”
Our idea was to go down the coast of South America, on the Pacific side, and sail harbour to harbour. Yet we could never imagine that sailing, only by sails, always with the wind on the nose and the icy current of Humbolt was so demanding.

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Balearic Cruising
"Lynda and I cruised the islands during the summers of 2002 and 2003.."
Seychelles Charter
The editor recounts a recent charter in the Seychelles.

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Cruising in Spain
Judy and Paul overwinter their Catalac Squib in Aqualdulce and sail on to the Balaerics.
The AZAB Races
A retrospective record of Spirit of England's 1995 Race to the Azores, with a brief history of multihulls in Azab races.
Aptaki Cruise to the Mediterranean
The Editor's colourful diary of his mediterranean cruise, beginning in Swansea on May 14th and ending 1502 miles later in Mar Menor.
Day Charter Catamarans
Now big business with a plethora of purpose built boats around the holiday spots of the world, the Editor samples a couple.
A Catamaran Vacation
"My eyes were closed, only the sound of multihulled fishing boats screaming up and down at 15 knots interrupted this utopian idyll"
Heavy Weather Sailing
"I have been capsized, foundered, run-down and placed in more survival conditions than I can remember"
Using a Parachute Anchor
Peter Clutterbuck, MOCRA Safety Officer, examines the benefits of carrying one on board, and compares with the conventional anchor.

Heavy weather sailing
March 2009

"I have been capsized, foundered, run-down and placed in more survival conditions than I can remember"


A Voyaging Canoe for Tikopia
March 2009
A project to build a sailing double canoe for Tikopia.

Tikopia is a tiny remote Polynesian island in the Western Pacific, which has maintained self-sufficiency for 3000 years.

Using a Parachute Anchor
March 2009

Peter Clutterbuck, MOCRA Safety Officer, examines the benefits of carrying one on board, and compares with the conventional anchor.

Budget charters in Thailand
March 2009

We sailed "Veni Vidi Vici", one of Siam Sailing's Tiki 30's for two weeks in January

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